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Tips for a Successful Wedding Video

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There are some tasks that the bride and groom can do to help set the conditions for a better wedding video. Because video is more detailed than photography, there are certain things that you and your future spouse can do to ensure a better video

1. Voice your concern to your wedding advisor if there are limitations that restrict your videographer from getting good shots during the ceremony. Often, churches and other wedding ceremony venues have restrictions that are not very conducive for the videographer and in that case, the photographer also, during the ceremony. Most advisors will not grant your videographer “carte blanche,” which usually is not appropriate anyway in most venues. However, I have seen times when a tactful conversation takes place with the advisor the day before the ceremony, usually at the rehearsal or at the time that you reserve your venue, they may grant a little more flexibility for your videographer. Obviously, tact and professionalism go a long way in those conversations with the advisor. After all, you have paid, in most cases for the venue and for the videographer. Why not, at least make the attempt to help set the conditions for a better wedding video and pictures. Some of the important elements of the wedding ceremony may be able to be re-created after the wedding ceremony, such as the exchange of wedding rings, candle lighting and “The Kiss.” Remember, “speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

2. Never let the groom turn off the cordless microphone. This has only happened to me once, and I was able to recover using back up sound recording device. Usually the videographer will have the groom miked with a cordless microphone. In some cases the groom may find it a little more convenient to turn off the mic while having a personal conversation before the ceremony with a groomsman or when he needs to go to the restroom. All understandable reasons, however it does create some issues with the videographer when he is making those final sound checks before the wedding. It is tough trying to communicate with the groom just minutes before the ceremony. To help with this I will put the best man of the wedding in charge of making sure, in addition to having the ring, the groom’s microphone is on before the ceremony starts.

3. Usually, the photographer runs the show during the photo-session. Sometimes photographers will object to having the wedding videographer record the photo-session. The concern for the wedding photographer is that with today’s technology, your videographer may be able to capture equal or higher quality photos either with the video camera in still mode or by doing a “frame grab” from the video. Then, he may offer to sell those photos to the couple or even give those photos to the couple. I certainly do not agree with doing this, but this is the concern that photographers have and the concern is certainly valid. After all, in my opinion, it is unethical to do this. The reason that I like to record the photo session is to create a montage of sorts at the very end of the DVD and set it to music for my clients.

Though there are a number of things that you can do your self to make your wedding video a little better, chief among them are, hire a professional videographer with experience in recording weddings.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Television Productions and have over 15 years of wedding videography experience. I still get excited and passionate about each wedding that I do. 

For free consultation, whether you use J and J Digital Media or not, please call us or email us.

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April 1, 2011 at 6:05 pm

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