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The Wedding Save the Date Video, The Wave of the Future

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So what is a, “save the date” video? This is usually a wedding invitation that is scripted and communicated via video,  by the bride and groom in order to personally invite friends and family to their wedding. It can be posted on video hosting platforms, distributed via
DVD or embedded on the couple’s website. The Wedding Videos and the Save the Date videos are becoming more  popular today with the advent of lower cost technology such as video cameras, hard drive capacity and the ability to upload, as of this article, 2gb of high-definition video and up to 15 minutes of video in a wide variety of formats onto YouTube. Some other video hosting platforms such as Vimeo offer free and upgraded Vimeo plus accounts that give users the ability to upload up to  5gb per week and have the ability to customize the player to include different colors and the ability to set security features to allow password access only to video. Some professional wedding videographers are offering the Save the Date video as a part of their service offerings. I would always advise, that if you would like to have an especially nice professionally produced wedding save the date video or a wedding DVD, hire a professional to record it. Usually, they will have invested in higher end professional video equipment and have the experience in order to produce a professional looking video.

The save the date video is limited only by the bride and groom’s creativity. I have listed a few to give you a flavor of what is out there. Keep in mind that these video are the creations of the bride and groom. These are some that were posted on you tube and have garnered over one million hits at the time of the publication of this article.




Not only can these save the date wedding video trailers fun and exciting for your friends and family to view, it can also serve as a project that you and your future spouse can work on together and have fun doing it. After all, that should be what marriage should be about; working together to create a beautiful masterpiece that others can see. Your marriage should serve as an example for future brides and grooms, an example for your children and all that observe near and far.

Bennie Cheatham

J and J Digital Media



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March 28, 2011 at 11:07 pm

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