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Did you know that it is now possible for your wedding videographer to upload your wedding video to you tube or to Vimeo? These are just two of the more popular video hosting platforms.  With a subscription to Vimeo, you can now upload up to 5gb of video to their site per week for you and your family to see? YouTube is also allowing members to upload High Definition video to their website for free. Brides can upload the video to one of these video hosting platforms. Once you have completed the upload, you can then send a link to your family and friends in order for them to view the video. Obviously, this eliminates the need for burning multiple DVDs and either traveling or sending the DVDs in the mail. Have you ever wondered how some video’s get 100s and sometimes thousands of hits. One viewer tells five people those five people tell five other people and so on. Pretty soon you have a video that has “gone viral.” Take your video viral!!!!! Ask your wedding videographer about posting your wedding video online.


Written by jandjdigitalmedia

April 5, 2011 at 2:18 am

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