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Two Doctors, One Happy Couple, The Wedding Video Story of Drs Jade & Cleo Stafford

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Any day is a great day to get married, but on this day there was cause for concern! 30 minutes before the wedding there was a torrential downpour. In fact it rained so hard that when you looked out of the window you could see small tree branches floating down the street? All of a sudden we hear the voice of Jade, the bride, say, “I wish this rain would stop.” It was as though she was talking directly to the Man upstairs, because in an instant the rain stopped. we hurried outside to have a beautiful outdoor wedding. Capturing images with overcast sky weather deal offers some stunning imagery. It was a very entertaining evening. We enjoyed every moment that we filmed at this wedding.
Congratulations jade and Cleo!
Enjoy the 5 minutes highlight version at the following link:

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