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Video Generation Loss In a Wedding Video Should be a Thing of the Past.

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With the advent of new technology, (digital video format) and now, high definition, generation loss, in theory, has the potential to be a thing of the past. Before the digital format became available at the prosumer level, we had to rely on either digital 8 or high8 and a few other standard formats. When we captured the video, we had to edit from the original footage to a master (that was one generation). Then we copied from the master to make the duplicate copies for distribution to the bride (that was the second generation). If the bride ran out of copies and wanted to copy more to distribute to friends and family, (that was the third generation). I hear lots of brides say that they have seen wedding videos that were fuzzy and not very clear. Well, many times it may have been that the video was never captured with a high quality camcorder or it may have gone through several generations, making the copy that is being viewed look very grainy or even “fuzzy.”

Back in 1993 when I first started in wedding videography, I purchased a Sony VX1000 which was the first prosumer level digital camcorder that many semi pros, including myself, could afford. At that time the camera cost $4100.00 it was very high quality video for that time at about 400 lines of horizontal resilution. Once I went through each generation, the copies that went to my customers was at best, “OK.”

Today I acquire video with a High Definition camcorder, edit in digital format and distribute digitally either through DVD or the internet. With this process there is no generation loss. The quality of the images recorded from the outset remain in high definition unless I choose to use a different setting in the editing process  that would reduce the quality.

In conclusion, the availiability of high definition is readily available. So if you are able to put it into your budget, it would really make sense to do so.


Written by jandjdigitalmedia

March 21, 2011 at 10:32 pm

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